Bring your temporary tattoos to life
SnapTAT mobile app is an interesting tool to engage
your customers and fans even more.
Launching Soon!
How it Works
Order Custom Temporary Tattoos
Order customised temporary tattoos. Gumtoo activates your design so that it can be scanned by the users after the tattoo has been applied on the skin.
Download SnapTAT Mobile Application
Download the SnapTAT mobile app from Apple or Android store.
Users Take Picture of the Temporary Tattoo
Using Gumtoo's SnapTAT mobile app, will take picture of the temporary tattoo
Engage Users Just Like a QR Code
You can choose to direct your audience to any web based engagement tool (just like the QR code)
Temporary Tattoos
that works like QR Codes
Make custom temporary tattoos from Gumtoo and engage your target audience with powerful and fun marketing campaigns
How to use Gumtoo's SnapTAT
Talk to us with your ideas
Web Content Redirect
You can direct users to any web based link for marketing purposes e.g. showcasing your website
Show Youtube Video
Show users your companie's latest youtube video
Social media redirect
Want to get a bunch of Facebook likes at your next product launch event, use SnapTAT!
Photo Contest
Take the crowd engagement to the next level by organising a temporary tattoo photo contest
Online Survey
Capture the voice of your audience by getting them directed to an online survey
News Letter Sign up
Want to boost your post event email campaign, get users directed to a email sign up page